Hello, we are Thawed Codebase

We are an indie game studio headquartered in the Frozen Tundra. Some of us formed from the remnants of Frozen Codebase. Others met on a train going from Chicago to San Francisco, full of game developers making games. Yeah, thats a thing! Either way, we're currently configured to be an agile, Unreal Engine based indie team dedicated to the launch of our first beat-based, music title.

We are a group of industry veterans
with a combined total of 50 years in the field

Our primary skills include programming (AI, UI, back-end, gameplay systems, engine programming), level design, VFX, and game art. Currently, we are composed of 8 developers: 3 programmers, 1 producer/lead developer, 1 writer, 1 VFX artist, 1 3D modeler and an art director.

Music Unites Us

For the past year or more we've been working on our first title. Noise Paradox is a game about uniting the world with the power of music. A forbidden love story, beatmatcher, and real time strategy game all in one epic package of goodness! We are excitted to be using WWise and UE4 for this project and it's been a fun challenge. Join our Patreon and get involved in the process!

Some of Our Team Members

Bryan Carr, Writer
Bryan is an educator, podcaster, and occasional game and media critic. Now he's writing a video game, in open defiance of anyone who told him playing Final Fantasy was a waste of time.
Vic Detlaff , Lead Programmer
Vic is a 10 year veteran having worked at studios such as Human Head and also having worked on titles such as Mortal Kombat and others. He is a programmer generalist.
Emily Dillhunt, Art Director
Emily Dillhunt is a game and freelance artist focusing primarily on 2D art and illustration. She earned a bachelor's degree in Game Design and has been creating and selling merch for her company, Inkmaven Art, since 2016. She has worked on titles such as Everend (nominated for Best Visuals at the Intel University Games Showcase), Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game, and is now devoting her time to Noise Paradox as the team's Art Director.
Ben Geisler, Lead Developer
Geisler was the founder and President of Frozen Codebase and is now the Lead Developer for Thawed Codebase LLC. Recent Thawed Codebase projects included Mortal Kombat X, Batman Arkham Origins, Minimum and an unannounced title at Human Head Studios in Madison WI. Over his 23 years in the game industry Ben has worked at five video game development studios, contributing to best-selling games for Xbox 360, PS3 and others. His past credits include Soldier of Fortune 2, X-Men Legends, Quake 4, The Incredible Hulk, Prey 2, Batman Arkham Origins, Rune 2 and New World. More importantly, in terms of their current game effort: Ben is a former club DJ who spins electroclash, industrial and electro breaks.
Shane Kavage, Programmer
... Wisconsin born and raised Programmer - I love working with different languages and technologies. As long as I'm programming, I'm happy. Currently, I'm creating .NET framework applications for a local business, managing 3 different programs used in a production factory setting, including mobile development for tablet. In my free time, I work with Blazor, Unity, and Unreal Engine to develop personal and team projects. I have a strong passion for video games and video game development.
Kendall Spraggins, 3D Artist
Kendall is a CG Generalist on titles such as Mad Max, Ant-Man, and Stranger Things. He is also a character modeler.

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